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Winter Classes & Packages! 
Due to COVID-19, a handful of our on-site classes have been postponed or moved to outside if weather permits.
If no dates are listed for a class, please call for availability.  
Private classes are still being offered on-site in our workshop.
New online classes are also currently being offered LIVE through Zoom.
Special Events and In-person Workshops listed below are still open for registrations.
ALL class registrations can be made through our online

April 13th -17th, 2023

Solo/Small Group Retreat

Just want to get away for a few days by yourself or with a friend or two?  Don't have an organized group to retreat with?  Come during our Solo/Small Group Retreats and meet some new friends.  Come and go as desired and create until your heart's content.  This retreat is for you!   Contact us for more info or register here.  

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