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2024 Rates


Lodging & Workshop Space   


                    Individual Nightly Rates for 1-12 guests (Full use including workshop)                      $125/pp/pn


                                                                       Special events and programs will be priced individually by event.


Daily Workshop Only Space   (10 am – 5 pm) Daily rates also apply to guests who wish to arrive prior to check-in time on the day of arrival as well                                as staying beyond check out time on day of departure.  All early check-ins and late check outs must be requested and approved in advance.  


                    Group Rate - for 6-12 guests   (requires a Group Coordinator)                                         $175/day

                    Individual Rate                                                                                                                 $  40/day                                                                                               


                                       Customized Weekday and Weekend Group Packages Available Upon Request!   

                                    Group Packages will be billed a minimum of $500 for each night reserved

                                              plus $95 per person for each additional guests over 6 per night.  

                          If you are receiving a group rate package, you are required to pay the 6 guest minimum

                                   for each and every night of the reservation whether or not it is actually met. 

                      Guests requesting to add additional days onto a package do not receive the package pricing

                                  unless there are a minimum of 6 or more in the group on those additional days.


Premium On-Site Services


                       Campfire & S’mores                              $25/pn           Sewing Machine Rentals                          $15/day - $45/retreat

                       Longarm Rental                                     $55/hr            Bed/Linen Changing Service                 $20/day     

                       Teaching w/retreat (3 student min.)       $25/pp/hr     Private  Lessons (one on one)                      $40/hr

Optional Outside Services   (Min. 2- week advance reservation required!)


                                    Massages                                                              Guided Shopping Excursions

                                    Pedicures/Manicures                                        Airport/Shuttle Services

                                    Facials                                                                    Catering

                                    Grocery Shopping                                               Sewing Machine Repair Service


        Rates are subject to change without notice.  Current rates will be applicable at time of provided services. 

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