Patty Sawyer

Award Winning Quilt Artist & Designer,

Experienced Quilt Judge & Coordinator,

Inspiring Lecturer & Instructor,

Computerized Longarm Quilting Specialist,

Quilt Shop Advisor & Consultant,

Quilt Retreat Hostess & Facilitator


Lectures & Trunk Shows

“How I Became So Judge Mental!”


How does Judge Judy do it?  It's not as easy as you may think! 

This light-hearted presentation and mock quilt judging experience will encourage even novice quilters

to understand the confidential secrets happening behind those closed judging room doors.  This presentation will include

some of the myths and fears associated with having quilts judged, a brief, yet comical explanation

of the difference between quilt judges and the quilt police and the roles scribes and others play in the judging process.

We’ll discuss what judges are looking for in a quilt evaluation,

the whole critique process, and some of the common terminology, standards and practices of experienced quilt judges. 

Presentation portion is approx. 45 minutes in length with additional time spent with audience participation in a mock judging

experience which both engages and encourages specific questions, answers and discussions relevant

to some of the actual quilt samples I provide or with the optional guild members’ show ‘n tell quilts. 





Hiring a longarmer quilter to get your quilt tops finished is easy but, you may not be happy with what you get back!

This presentation explains how and why it is important to pick the right longarmer for the job at hand,

what questions you should be asking, how to prepare your top, batting and backing for the best results

and how to choose a good quilt design.  Whether you chose to do it yourself or send it out,

we’ll discuss things like distortion, wavy borders, being square, thread options and balanced tension.

Audience participation through a witty improvisational roll playing skit helps get this presentation started. 

The story line takes some unexpected turns and never ends the same but, it is sure to entertain and keep you in perfect stitches.


Have You Seen My Scissors?

Want to make the most of your limited quilting time?  Want to avoid the frustration of inaccuracy or unpreparedness?  

This top ten presentation is packed with handy tips, techniques and tools to help foster continuous quilting bliss. 

Sometimes, just the tiniest adjustment, tip, trick or tool can make the biggest difference in your end results...

and with less frustration. This quick demo style format is ever-changing and constantly updated with

the latest, greatest and most favorite quilting tips, tools, and techniques guaranteed to produce fabulous results.


What’s in the box…Trash or Treasure…

Will We Ever Know?

This “trunk show” style presentation is an extraordinary true story mysteriously conveyed to specifically

capture and move a quilt lover’s heart.  My story is based on an actual brief encounter with a perfect stranger

in a parking lot and involves a dubious box of unknown quilting items.   You’ll surely experience “goose bumps”

as its contents are revealed!  Was it an amazing coincidence or just happenstance for the contents

and final destination of this secretive box? Step back in time with one of the assumed

previous owner, Anna Stokes, as she talks about the importance of

preserving quilt stories for future generations. 



Original Copy Cats

What does copyright and trademarks have to do with quilting?  Let’s talk about the definitions and differences

between original design and inspirational derivatives.  How can we be more deliberate and careful in protecting

the integrity of our art and our artists.  It’s really not just black and white anymore

but rather, quite gray when it comes to “original” design!


Color – Simplifying the Mysteries

Do you always gravitate to the same color palettes?  Are you letting someone else make your color choices for you? 

Do you wish you could step out of your color comfort zone and make bold new choices?

This lecture begins to explain some of the complexities of color and how anyone can break them down into

a few simple basics to make better color choices.  A hands-on coloring exercise is used to help understand

how you feel about color, why you may choose the colors you do and encourages audience participation

to step out of your color comfort zone.  This lecture can easily be combined with a “Color Workshop”

or other color blending class I offer for a more in-depth color experience.



Workshops & More


                     Color Workshop5-6 hrs./full day                                                                 (no sewing machines required)


Learn to play and use the basic principles, moods, and properties of color by spending time arranging 5-inch fabric squares into

various color families. You’ll be surprised at what you see and how some colors react when placed next to others.

Time will also be spent learning to use a color wheel to your best advantage.

Then, by creating various fused “color wheel” flowers, shapes and designs, we’ll develop an original wall hanging

as a handy reference guide and reminder as inspiration for future color decisions.  A $15 kit fee applies.


                                Life In Pieces 3-4 hours/half day                                                     (no sewing machines required)


Isn't cutting fabric into tiny pieces and putting them back together again what a quilters does best? 

You will achieve a masterful watercolor landscape simply by learning to read and blend colors.  

It's just like doing a puzzle! And we'll add a fun twist with some highlights from an every so slight use of paint and markers.

This popular class utilizes a fusing technique (with no overlaying tulle)

 to complete your own original 5 X 7 framed mini wooded landscape from the tiniest fabric scraps.  A $10 kit fee applies.


                     Getting Back to Basics 3-4 hours/half day                                                (machines required) 


Have you ever wondered why seams don't quite meet, borders wobble, mitered corners bow outward or sashings don't line up?

This class will re-examine and re-adjust the basics in pressing, piecing, binding, bordering, squaring, blocking and more

with an emphasis on accuracy (not perfection) throughout for a better, happier end result. 

By making a simple scrappy table runner, which includes a surprising twist to the design, 

we'll be practicing some great tips and tricks for desired improvements. 

Whether you're just learning or re-learning basic quilting techniques, this class is guaranteed to reap 

rewarding and near perfect final results.         (Kit fees optional)


                          NEW!  Curvalicious Table Runner 3-4 hours/half day                    (machines required)


A ruler based technique with fast, fun and fabulous modern appeal.  Use this ruler to design

a multitude of creative pieced and fused designs in your quilts, bags, clothing and more. 

Once you use the tool, the options are endless.           (Ruler and kit fee apply)

Material Memories2 full days


 Hold onto those photo memories just a bit longer by converting a favorite digital photo into a quilt pattern and design.

You will learn to realistically re-create your favorite pet into a small quilted wallhanging through the use of color value

and a dimensional fused piecing technique onto a prepared quilted foundation.  

It's like painting by numbers... using fabric and thread painting to bring it to life.  Embellishments are all you'll need to do the rest.


Color My Cloth 3-4 hours/half day


How fun to spend some time coloring with a box of Crayola crayons?  We’ll color a marked picture on cloth and

then add thread to highlight and embellish.  Quilting and binding will be covered if time allows,

you’ll go home inspired with new ideas and a nearly finished project.  ($15 Kit fee applies)


Modern Madness 5-6 hours/full day


Several quick and easy patterns create a modern twist to any wall hanging.  We will discuss color and the criteria

for making a modern quilt plus quilting the expansive negative space typically found in most modern designs.

                                Patterns change frequently for this class so please inquire for current offerings.   (Pattern fees apply)                             

                  Contact Patty directly to book an inspiring lecture or workshop today!  207-803-8500
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